Happy New Year.

Well isn’t it wonderful to be back at work?!  Well maybe not, and particularly if you’re not enjoying your job or if you’re out of work.

Many people’s New Year resolutions include looking for a new job, to finally take the plunge and go and find the position you deserve.  Maybe a more interesting role, more money or a better challenge.

Well the good news is that employers are often doing just the same.   December is a no go for many employers and so when  January arrives, they really seem crank up their recruitment process.   Quite a lot of companies have a calendar financial year too and so that means a whole new budget.

So far, we have taken 10 new jobs for January which is 45% up on the same November and 60% up on December, so if you are considering a move, now is the time and we are the agency so please call us or send us your CV.

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